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Transfer Domain

It is good to have a company such as Rudra IT Services to manage both your website hosting and domain registration, since you need to pay less amount of money when compared to other such hosting companies. But, if you have your domain hosted with some other company, you can transfer it to Rudra IT Services to get good support over the domain. 

All you have to do is to fill and submit an online form to Rudra IT Services, wherein you must provide your administrative email address to accept the transfer of the domain. Once you are done with submitting the form, you will receive an email from Rudra IT Services which will contain the necessary steps to be taken. You just need to follow the instructions to finish the transfer of your domain. This way, you can also transfer multiple domains from your hosting company to Rudra IT Services. Most of the domain transfers are endorsed and authorized very quickly in no time. If you plan to transfer your domain name for various reasons, Rudra IT Services is the best company you should choose to transfer it.

Also since Rudra IT Services provide you with new domains, you can always opt to get a new one from them.